Saturday, June 5, 2010

Short update - last week of classes

This past week has been pretty crazy. I don't even remember the last time I actually blogged instead of just posting random links. I pretty much spent last Saturday - Tuesday working on a homework and project, pretty much non-stop. There were a few social events here and there. There was a pig roast on Sunday at my dorm. The pig was pretty good. On Wednesday, we finally gave our presentation for the Indonesia project. There were a quite a few guests attending the presentations. I think we did pretty well and didn't go too much overtime. Xiumin arrived that day so I dragged her to the presentations too.

I went to work Thursday and Friday. I was actually pretty busy on Friday. I was doing some HR related stuff in the morning when people started arriving and wanted to go downstairs for bagels. So I got bagels with people and then was about to head to a meeting with the HR person when I got an email from one of the guys asking me to make a few changes for a meeting with my supervisor. Luckily, the HR meeting didn't take very long and I was able to finish everything just in time for a meeting with my supervisor and a few other people. Literally, just in time. The meeting went a little long so we actually had to push back my goodbye lunch by half an hour. Everyone came out for the lunch, even the supervisor. We went to a Thai place that had pretty good food.

Haven't had time to go exploring SF with X yet. So busy. I still have 2 take-home finals to do, 1 project to finish up, and a whole room to pack. So close... And then I need to seriously plan out my travels.

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