Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 1 - New York

I think I was too excited last night and didn't managed to get very much sleep on the airplane. I was kind of tired when I got on the plane but it took a long time for drinks to come around. I flew Virgin America and I think they use the same planes as Jetblue, but I really think the seats are smaller. I had the window seat and kept wanting to put both my arms on the arm rests. I think the person in the middle seat should get both of the arm rests next to them. The good thing about this flight was that there were 2 power outlets for every 3 seats so I was able to charge up my phone.

I got to the city and met up with Yalu to get her apartment key. I got a bagel with egg and cheese. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have gotten anything because I ended up not eating very much at lunch. I had lunch with the Arup geo group. It was good to see everyone again. Although a lot of people were not around. People were really confused as to why I was there. It was hard to explain.. I was really tired when I was there and didn't feel all that well from the flight.

I attempted to get Shakespeare in the Park tickets but they were all gone by the time I got there. There was already people waiting in line in hopes of getting into the show in case some ticket holders don't show up. It was 2pm and they were going to camp out until 8pm!

I was tempted to go to the bar downstairs to watch the England vs. Algeria game but was too tired and slept until Yalu got back from work. We ate leftovers, watched Conan, and went for a walk. So the first day was relatively low-key.

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