Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cambridge, revisited

Felt kind of strange walking around Cambridge again. The city hasn't changed very much. Maybe a few new stores here and there but everything seems very static.

I spent the day meeting up with a couple of friends. In the morning, I had coffee with my Chinese supervisor (kind of like a TA). I think that coffee sustained me through the day. Might have fallen asleep before lunch or something. But coffee here is more like espresso with lots of milk. She's graduating this year too. Just finished her PhD and post-doc studies. She's taken an associate professorship in Tsinghua, which means she has tenure there. That's really exciting. Next time we meet up will probably be in Beijing!

Then I had lunch with Sophia and her family. We went to a Japanese restaurant. My Chinese is really bad these days. After eating, we went for a walk along the river. The weather has been really nice here these past couple of days. People were saying that it was really cold until yesterday. We saw some a lot of ducks, black chickens swimming, and someone walking a cat. This all took a few hours and I got back to my friend's place at around 5pm.

Tomorrow, I'll be meeting up with another friend for lunch and then going to the Caius graduation in the afternoon. I guess that's really the reason why I'm here. The ceremony should be interesting since I've never seen one before.

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