Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 2 - Adventures around Brooklyn

I am going to be super jetlagged for the next few weeks. We woke up pretty late, mostly because I wanted to keep sleeping. After we managed to get out of the house, we had a very adventurous day. The original plan was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, eat pizza at Grimaldi's Pizza, and go to the Transit Museum.

Our plan was to take the R train to near to Manhattan side of the bridge and walk across. So we took the N train to Canal St and waited around for the R train. We waited a long time and only saw N and Q trains. We were getting really suspicious and was wondering if the R train ran this weekend when we decided to walk around and found out that the R train was on a different platform at this station. Secrets of the subway.

After we successfully took the R train to the Brooklyn Bridge, we walked across to Brooklyn (first time for both of us). Then we checked out Grimaldi's Pizza. We've heard that it's got the best pizza ever. This was confirmed by the super long line outside the restaurant! So we decided that we would go to the MTA Transit Museum first.

But since we only had oatmeal for breakfast, we wanted a snack before the museum. It just so happens that there was an ice cream truck parked near Grimaldi's. So we went up to it and tried to decide whether we wanted to share a cone. The guy suggested a waffle cone because they're bigger but they were $6 each! So we decided to go with a regular cone ($3). The ice cream was not very cold and started melting promptly after we got it. So we stood around in the shade, near the curb, in a small park in the middle of the road, and finished the cone before we moved on.

The Transit Museum is all underground and the entrance looks exactly like a subway entrance! We were hesitant to go down at first. The museum was much bigger than we thought! We spent a few hours poking around at exhibits of how subway tunnels were dug in the early 1900s, the progression of the transit system in New York, advances in the money collecting technologies, etc. They also have a very cool collection of all the old subway cars. You can "go back in time" by going into the cars.

We walked back to Grimaldi's at around 3:30pm and stood in line for about an hour. When we finally got into the restaurant, we were both very tired and hungry. We ordered a 16" pizza with mushrooms and finished the entire thing between the two of us. It was pretty good but I don't know if it's the "best pizza I've ever eaten" since I was tired and hungry.

We took the subway back, watched some episodes of Detective Conan, and passed out on the bed. Well, I was napping and then Yalu decided to read this book about urban development. The book sounds just like a textbook and I fell asleep listening to her read... We woke up at around 9pm and watched more Conan.


YW said...

ooo!! I like Conan! (well, I guess i really liked the live action movie). And I love the art museum!!! So big!!! hm...gonna have to try out this pizza place.

Jennifer said...

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and went to Grimaldi's too! ...except we didn't have the beautiful weather you had and it was a bit wet and rainy. The rain did help with Grimaldi's though since we got there at around 3 PM and got our pick of empty tables. I also question this "best pizza ever" title. It was okay, but I think I've might have had better elsewhere. It was good to try at least once though.