Monday, June 28, 2010

Kuala Lumpur - Day 2

Yesterday morning I couldn't sleep and woke up at around 6am. This morning, I felt pretty tired waking up at 9am. My room doesn't have a window so it's hard to tell what time it is. So after getting myself out of bed this morning, I walked around the city again and ventured to the west. I got to the Central Market and realized I had been outside of it the day before. It's just a big warehouse like thing with lots of vendors inside. Not too many people actually buying stuff.

The city feels different on a weekday. There seems to be less people around in general. Yesterday was very lively. There were tons of people walking around. I walked to Merdeka Square (Independence Square), where Malaysia's independence from Britain was declared. There were a few tour buses at the square but not much else going on. I think the marathon yesterday either started or ended here (maybe both). Should have came then. That would have been more fun. I still don't understand how people manage to run a marathon in this heat though.
I rode the Monorail to Bukit Bintang, the shopping district. Mostly because I wanted to ride the monorail (never been on one) and to find food. There didn't seem like there were very many food options where I was. After I ate, I realized I was extremely tired. I sort of felt the same way yesterday (jetlagged) but I was more tired today because of all the walking yesterday. So I went back to my room and napped for a couple of hours.

I really didn't feel like getting out of my room again but I figured I should do more while I'm here. And because of the time difference, no one else was online. So I ventured to the jungle around the KL Tower. There's a pretty big rain forest around the Tower. It really feels like a rain forest, I'm not kidding. Again, I wish I had gone yesterday because there would've been more people around. I didn't mind having the place to myself but there really was no one around.

There were many flights of steep steps and a rope bridge. In the middle of all this is the KL Tower. They built the tower on a hill so that it's

In the middle of all this jungle is the KL Tower. They built the tower on a hill and I think it was the world's tallest tower when it was built.

After strolling around the tower, I backtracked down the rope bridge and decided to take another path back to the end of the jungle. I went down this path that has signs that tell you about different indigenous trees. This would have been more enjoyable if not for the bugs that kept biting me. I have not been bitten once since I got here and after this little walk, I got several bites. They're pretty minor though, no swelling or anything. I also walked through the bamboo forest where there were clumps of huge bamboo.

The walk lasted about an hour. I would have stayed longer if I hadn't been completely soaked in sweat after the first set of steps. I was sweating like crazy at the end. It was super humid because it hadn't rained in a few days (it rained in the late afternoon) and it was even more humid in the jungle. Anyway, now I'm waiting for Greg to arrive. Really hope he finds his way through the mess of merchants on this street.

Side note: got asked for directions twice. The first time I was actually trying to figure out the subway map and thought that that person was going to offer me help. Too bad.

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