Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arrival in Kuala Lumpur!

I'm finally in Southeast Asia! Really feeling the distance when you decide to take the long route to somewhere. I got picked up by a friend of a friend and got driven from the airport to my hotel. It was really nice. I think it would have been exhausting to do that trip by myself. We met up with Stella and a couple of her friends, had dinner, and then walked around a bit.

Food here is amazing. I swear I'm just going to go around eating all day. No kidding. There's all sorts of tropical foods that I love. Jackfruit, dragonfruit, durien, mangos, lichee, starfruit, etc. I had a mango juice today that was definitely very freshly made.

The flight was okay. I was sitting next to 2 big guys who were taking up a lot of room. They took up the armrests next to me and I had to fight them for space. Seriously, don't people know that it's courteous for the window and aisle seat people to let the middle seat person have the armrests? I was going to say something but decided against it. I slept most of the time. Glad I didn't buy the food on the plane. They were really small and didn't look all that great.

So backtracking to the night before I left Cambridge. After the graduation, I started walking back with a friend who was also at the ceremony. He was leaving the next day for Singapore. We were almost back at our residences when I was like, oh, I have to buy a shirt for my mom. So we walked all the way back to the city center and each got a shirt. They had some new arrivals of Cambridge pennants. I really should have bought one. I didn't need to take out any money from the bank at all. People that I met up with kept paying for my food so I really didn't use very much money in Cambridge.

After we bought a shirt, we were on our way back the second time, when my friend ran into a friend of his. This friend just happens to have a girlfriend who goes to Stanford and he's moving to Mountain View to work for Google. So crazy.

I had dinner with my host. After dinner, we went over to the friend who is leaving for Singapore to help him pack. Singapore Airlines gives Singaporeans who are moving back to Singapore permanently an extra 10kg allowance for their luggage. But it's pretty difficult to fit everything so he ended up leaving a bunch of stuff. My host now owns 4 duvets/comforters, several lamps, and a bunch of other random stuff.

We saw him off the next morning. He had so many loose pieces of luggage. I was worried that he would leave something behind when my host flips over a plastic bag and finds 3 books that belongs to him. We had to chase after him to give him the books.

Anyhow, seeing Cambridge again was good. Not much has changed. Kind of wish I wasn't so lazy and had walked around some more. But chatting with people took longer than I thought. Everyone seemed to have time to chat forever so we did. Oh wells, looking forward to a day of exploration tomorrow.

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