Monday, June 21, 2010

Days 3 and 4 - New York Adventures (Continued)

Leaving New York today! ='(

Yesterday was a more chilled day of adventures. The day started with a sudden rainstorm. Luckily, we were still in bed and missed it. Yalu and I brunched and headed to the library to return and pick up her books. We stopped at a cupcake store on the way and were staring at this huge cupcake when one of Yalu's friends called. He and his friends were at the Guggenheim museum and wanted to meet up with us. So we got to the library quickly and picked up Linchpin, which we saw at the Miami airport back in March. Yalu had been on the waitlist for ever since. It's an interesting book. I would recommend this book, along with What Color is Your Parachute, to my job seeking friends out there.

We spent a little while walking around the Guggenheim Museum. It's an art museum that has different exhibits every once in a while. They don't have very much in the way of a permanent collection. So if you're an art person, it's probably worth getting the membership. But if you're not really an art person like some of us...

After this, we took a bus to Victoria's Secret where I took advantage of their semi-annual sale and got some lotions. Hopefully, they'll make nice gifts. Did you know that the first Victoria's Secret store opened at the Stanford Shopping Center? The store was started as a store for guys who felt weird buying underwear for their wives.

We got back around 3 or 4pm and ate tamales from Trader Joes. We watched some Conan, napped (me), and read some Linchpin. We decided to go out for Indian food for dinner and found a place nearby using Yelp. Unfortunately, the place was closed when we got there. It was very unclear whether the place was permanently closed or not. So we ended up getting something from an Indian food truck nearby, came back, and ate while watching more Conan. The rest of the evening was spent watching even more Conan and dismantling Yalu's closet.

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