Friday, November 22, 2013

Recent kitchen creations

Haven't written much here in a while so I thought I'd upload some pictures. I've realized that I can make pizza in the little oven we have. It's actually really easy to make your own pizza! The dough is just normal flour, water, and yeast. I did my first one without yeast and just used baking powder, which meant the bread was more flat. The sauce was just tomato paste with some olive oil, crushed garlic, and dried basil. The sauce was really good! 

This was the one last night. I ran out of veggies so this one featured Ikea meatballs. I made several in between these two but those pictures are on my iPad.

Also got a pre-made mix for pancakes that produced really fluffy pancakes. The pot in the background contains apple cinnamon sauce. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Recent and upcoming weekends

I splurged on a mechanical keyboard yesterday after being really frustrated with my keyboard at work! The one that I had at work is kind of old and it takes a lot of pressure to get anything typed. I went for the blue switch one that makes a clicking sound. I hope it's not too loud for my neighbors. Will see if I get any complaints on Monday. But I really doubt my typing will be a distraction since there's usually a lot of noise in our open plan environment anyway. I basically tried out every keyboard at the computer place in Sham Shui Po before setting on one. Some of these keyboards can get seriously expensive!

There's a another typhoon passing by so it's been really windy this weekend. No real rain though. I wanted to go to Peng Chau last weekend, which was really nice but never made it. It didn't seem like a good idea to go on the ferry this weekend since it was so windy. I basically used the weekend to catch up on work and did some household cleaning and cooking. I've been bringing lunch to work whenever I can because I find the takeout at the food court to be extremely boring. I don't mind so much if we went out to eat because that at least involves getting away from the office for a while. This buying takeout business is also very time consuming. Anyway, cooking is lot more healthy and less expensive.

Our office managed to get a professor from one of the universities to come give some classes on advanced soil mechanics. We're doing three days of classes spread over the next couple of months. I feel like a full day is too long though because people can't really absorb so much. Anyway, we'll see how that goes. The first class is next Saturday. I kind of feel like I should review basic soil mechanics. Not sure if I ever learned it in the first place...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hong Kong Park

Autumn in Hong Kong is very refreshing. It is finally cool enough to walk outside without feeling like you're trapped in an oven! I walked around Hong Kong Park last weekend and discovered parts of it that I've never been through. There was a shallow fish pond with lots of fish and turtles. There was also an aviary with lots of nice birds. I wanted to do the hike from the Peak down to Aberdeen but stopped at Pok Fu Lam as it was getting dark. Will find a chance to do all of it next time.