Friday, June 18, 2010

SFO Airport

Written at SFO airport (2010.06.17)

The start of another journey. After traveling a lot around Europe, I got tired of traveling for a while and just wanted to stay in one place. But I guess once you start, it's hard to stop. I guess back then I wasn't nervous about going some place new because I was very naïve about traveling. Now I'm not nervous because I've been in so many different situations that I know I can figure things out. That said, all my travels so far have gone very well. I guess I'm just always very lucky.

Getting used to using my old laptop again. I spent an hour today taking off most of the stickers from the top of the laptop. Most of the stickers are super old and came off really easily anyhow. I'm glad for Goo Gone though. I've always been annoyed by the sticky residue from stickers.

Speaking of being lucky, I can't believe I'm getting the chance to not only travel to Southeast Asia (SEA) but also live there for a little while. I've been fascinated by SEA ever since meeting a lot of people from that region while studying at Cambridge. Now I get the chance the live there for a couple of months. This is just like last summer where I got to live in NYC. I've been really interested in that city ever since visiting with my family back in high school.

I really hope that this project goes well. That's right, I'm not just hoping all over the world, I'm actually working. I was in a class this past quarter where we designed vertical tsunami evacuation structures for Padang, Indonesia. This summer, two of us are going to disseminate these ideas to local engineers. We're working with a local university and students there.

I think our project is very technical and therefore, not really like what D-Lab does. But I think the training from D-Lab will still help a lot in terms of things to expect.


YW said...

Wow! vertical tsunami evacuation? that sounds super intense! Ya, traveling for work always makes me feel like i'm accomplishing something instead of just wasting time on pleasure. I guess I'm just a typical workaholic american. How long's your trip?

YW said...
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