Saturday, February 15, 2014

CNY holidays

This is a bit late but I thought I'd write about how I spent my Chinese New Year holidays. I went to Zhongshan this year. Took the ferry back on CNY eve and basically went straight from the ferry to dinner. The seats in first class are nicer and I slept basically the entire way. My visa also expired after this trip. I found out that the "Enter Before" date means that you can still enter on the day of. My visa had a "Enter Before" date of 30 January 2014 so it allowed me to enter the country up until 23:59 that day. Every time I get a China visa, I promise to make better use of it but it never happens.

Anyway, I always feel so dependent on people whenever I go back. After dinner I went to stay with one of my aunt and uncle. They have an extra bedroom since their daughter is away in school. I basically ate a lot the few days I was there. I kind of wish I have the chance to go back on of these days and be and tourist around the city. Really get a better feel for the layout of the city by taking the buses around. I always feel like I have no sense of direction because I usually just get driven around.

I'm going to wait until I get my Hong Kong visa renewed before getting another China visa. Hopefully I can get two years but not really sure if that's possible here. Anyway, at least a year would be good. I also have a lot of trips coming up soon so I really don't know if I would be able to make use of the visa. But I guess it would come in handy if I wanted to do weekend trips to Mainland cities or if one of my friends just happen to be around, like the time I went to Hangzhou.

It was unusually warm during the CNY holidays. When I got back to Hong Kong, I spent a couple of days walking around in shorts because it was so nice and warm. And then the weather took a turn the other way and it became freezing cold and rainy the last week. I also made turnip cake when I got back. It was easier than I thought but the flavor was a bit off. I liked them better fried, SE Asian style. I might make more later today with just turnip and rice flour and fried them after. I don't actually like the other fillings (mushroom and Chinese bacon/sausage).

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cool Story

Really cool story about twins separated at birth and found each other through social media. They are in the post-production phase of their film. I really want to see it so support them!