Friday, June 11, 2010

End of first year. Part 1

This has been one really long week... I'm moving back home for a little while and then heading off on a long journey. My trips and things are on the left panel. For everyone who's reading by RSS feed, you'll have to come to the actual website to see it. I have all the flights and things listed. Maybe more for my benefit than anyone else's. Everything is listed in local time.

Recap of this past week:
Monday. Long meeting with ESW team. We talked about goals for the summer and such. The meeting was so long that I picked up my take home final a few hours after it was available. Not the ideal situation but whatever. I spent the rest of the night working on the final.

Tuesday. Turned in the take home final in the morning. Started packing in the afternoon. I was pretty far along until I had to go to a meeting for my ESW group at night. Packing tired me out so I was not very lucid during our meeting.

Wednesday. I moved everything out of the room in the morning. Moved most stuff into one of the closets and the living room. Met up with the other guy who's going on this Indonesia trip and we decided on dates and flights. Went to a lunch with the geo group people at Castro Street. We went for dim sum, played around at a pet shop, had bubble tea, and then walked around this world market shop. It was a lot of fun. Then I went to a BBQ with some AAGSA people. People brought a lot of food to the BBQ but there were a lot of people and the fire wasn't very hot. So there was a lot of waiting and not too much eating in the beginning. We moved to a gas grill later on and that worked out much better. After that, I joined my ESW group again and we worked until around midnight when most of my group decided to go to a party.

Thursday. After deciding on our flights the day before. I decided it was time to go back to the embassy and submit my application for a visa again. Xiumin had a meeting with a company so it worked out great. I tried to activate my SFCU debit card but the ATM asked for a pin, which I never set up.

This SFCU thing does not seem to have very efficient customer service. I've had to go back to the branch several times to get things worked out already. Even had to call some for technical assistance to get external transfer set up. So dumb. You'd think they'd have all this stuff figured out by now. For example, why would you send someone a debit card and ask them to activate it by going to an ATM when they've never chosen a pin before?

After failing to activate my SFCU debit card, X and I went to my office where I bought my flights from KL to Padang and back. We managed to print this out and headed to SF. On the train ride there, I remembered I had to get a bank statement and cash for the visa. Luckily, there's a BOA branch right by the train station so I managed to get both of these things before going to the embassy. Everything went pretty smoothly at the embassy. The guy took my application along with all the application materials. The processing time is 2-5 days so I'll go back on Tuesday. After this I walked over to Chinatown and got a haircut. I miss the city life. It would be so nice to live near Chinatown and have everything I ever want within walking distance. Then I went back to meet up with X and we went to REI to buy a pair of sandals that I've been thinking about for a long time.

We got back in on campus and went to the SEG pool party. We chatted with various people and hung around. Didn't go in the pool. I didn't feel like changing into my bathing suit and people were pretty rowdy over there. We ate a lot and then went running afterward. We did laundry and packed some more after that.

This post is getting too long so I'll stop here for now.

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yalu said...

haha! as someone who lives in the city, I don't think I use the convenience of the city very much. in fact, the city is so large that sometimes it's inconvenient - today we had brunch, but since all of us live all over the place, we ended up settling for a place in Noho. So it was still a 20 minute subway ride for me. Occasionally I will run out of something and run over to Duane Reade, but mostly I do my grocery shopping (once every two months) at Trader Joe's, which is halfway across town anyhow. And I work all the way across town and do that commute twice a day. I kind of miss having everything and everyone in a central location (cough campus cough). Also - having visited MIT recently, I have to say that living off-campus does make me feel like doing anything on campus requires a good catalyst.