Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kuala Lumpur - Day 1

First full day in KL summarized in the title of this post. I walked around a lot of neighborhoods today and found that I mostly fit in. Unless I try to say something, I think most people just assume that I'm from the area. A group of Chinese tourists also asked me for directions today to Chinatown. I managed to help them with my not so great Mandarin, at which point, I totally felt like a native.

I started off the day with trying to go up to the bridge of this:
But I got there too late and there were already a ton of people in line for the tickets. The tickets are free but they only give out a limited number of tickets each day. It took me a while to find the place where you get tickets from the subway station.

This was unfortunate because even though I was too late for the tickets, I was too early for anything else. So I walked around the garden behind the towers. It's pretty nice. Even has a jogging track.

Also saw this thing on the floor:

I live in the middle of Jalan Petaling, in Hotel China Inn 2. The hotel is decent and the location is unbelievable. The day starts out with some stalls on the sides of the street. It then gets increasingly pedestrian after that. At around 7 or 8pm, it completely fills up with merchants. Can hardly walk down the street. Very lively.
I will write about the rest of my day in another post, with more pictures.

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YW said...

wow! i want to go up to that bridge too!! did you make it?