Saturday, March 22, 2014

More travel plans!

Updated my sidebar with my upcoming travel plans! I just booked a ticket to go to Taipei for a long weekend. Another friend will be in the area and it just so happens that it is a holiday weekend. It's more expensive to fly but at least I won't have to take any time off. Just realized earlier today that May 30th is the day of the HKIE Annual Seminar. I was all worried earlier about leaving the office too early. Guess if I'm leaving the conference a bit earlier, it won't be too bad. I think my supervisor is speaking at the conference though so hopefully I won't miss that.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting ready for vacation

Going to Seoul next week! Really excited to start my string of vacations. The really awesome thing about these upcoming vacations is that not only will I be going somewhere new, I'll get to meet up with friends! I'll get to explore Seoul with Yalu and Mike + other friends. Really looking forward to this trip. I really don't know much about Korea but there are so many Korean things here, cosmetics, food, snacks, electronics. I actually really want to walk around a Korean supermarket. I think it would be really fun. Anyway, now I'm looking for a Taiwan flight so that I can meet up with another friend who will be in Asia in June.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March is here

It got cold enough again to wear thicker jackets outside. I really prefer this weather to the hot summer. Hoping that summer can come later this year. I haven't really done very much running this year. I kind of stopped after that 10k in January. I feel like I got bluetooth earphones and haven't put them to use. 

Spent 3 (or 4?) hours skyping with Yalu yesterday and we planned out our Seoul trip. I think we did a pretty good job! I feel like I still need to do some work on that one day where I'm just hanging out by myself. But I'm always really lazy when I travel by myself so I'll probably just wake up late, walk around, eat, sip coffee at a cafe, repeat. No clue how I would communicate with anyone. Guess I would have to use my sign language and observation skills again. I get a bit nervous looking at Hangul characters. It's not like languages with romanization. They all look alike... Oh wells, can't really get lost in a city with so many subway stations.

Work is the same old business. New guy is still not being very productive. I feel like I finally forced something out of him today. At least I have an end product, sort of. 

I joined a board level committee that's part of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering after the Paris conference last September. The committee that I"m a part of focuses on young people and their involvement in the society. There are 3 representatives for each region. But I feel like we haven't really done much. We've had two Skype calls, elected people to be Vice Chair and Secretary, and signed up for task forces. But I really feel like none of the task forces have done anything. I'm chairing a task force to fix up the website. I've tried and failed to set up a meeting, encouraged people for suggestions, and have even set up a Google Sites website as a test page. I really think the Google Site is a good idea since people can write and change things without making a mess on the real website. But so far no one has done anything. These committees have a long term outlook since each term is at least 2 years. But unless you do something every week, there's going to be no progress. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I kind of wanted to be Vice Chair so that I could poke around to see how the other task forces are doing. But I really feel like they haven't done much. I signed up for 2 out of 4 task forces and both of those have had some emails fly back and forth due to my prompting. Need to figure out ways to motivate the motivators.

Found this really nice cafe that's literally across the street from where I live. There is a little sitting area that leads to a dead end street. I've peeked down this street several times but never gone down it because it didn't look interesting. Turns out, it's a mix of auto body shops and small restaurants. There is the cafe (been there twice already!), a western-Asian place, dim sum place, and a ramen shop. The dim sum place looks popular too. Might try that out next time.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February - busy, busy

After having a pretty chill January, I am back being extremely busy. These past few weeks have been really, really busy. Basically living in the office again. For some reason, projects always seem to all have stuff happening at the same time. They never seem all calm down at once though.

Our structures team has started another project with the an international school in HK. The school has been looking to redevelop for a while and their applications seem to finally be getting through. It's nice to be working on a new project but I really haven't had the chance to really look at everything. Since we have been the design engineer for this client forever, our job folder is a crazy mess. I spent one day on a weekend reorganizing the entire folder. Now I can finally find things! But my other projects are in the process of being approved and require all my attention.

Our team got some new people lately. One of the new guys is a recent graduate and is supposed to be helping me with this new project. But it's taking a while for him to learn the basics. I guess it takes everyone a while to really get on board. And since I've been pretty busy lately, I haven't had time to really sit down and help him. I expect people to ask questions but he never really has questions. It makes me nervous when people don't ask about major assumptions that they are making when calculating stuff. And I always feel that it takes people a while to get used to working. When you're in school, the expectations and environment is not the same as the working environment. I think that it takes a while for the new graduates to get used to the idea that they're in a working environment and that they have report to someone. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Can't wait for the end of March to come. Looking forward to my vacations.