Monday, January 4, 2010

Start of 2nd Quarter!

Today was the first day of classes. It was pretty chill for me because I only had one class. I thought I had two but it turns out that our department seminar only meets once a week on Wednesdays instead of both Mon and Wed. So I went to the gym in the morning, showered, went to class. There were a lot of people in this particular class (foundation engineering) since it is a required class for everyone in the program. After class, I chatted with some people and everyone was talking about classes to check out. I felt kind of lazy going to only one class today. But my schedule tomorrow is insane with 7 classes! I think I'm going to pack myself lunch and dinner.

I went grocery shopping in the afternoon. I got mostly produce so everything was pretty cheap. I think grocery shopping and cooking makes me happy. Something about making food and eating it is very satisfying. Now all I need is a vegetable garden!

I'm going to attempt to bake bread this quarter. I got all the ingredients I need over break. Well, I think I need to buy more milk but that's another matter. Right now I have two loaves that are rising. This whole process seems to take a while. But maybe once I get it down, it'll go faster.

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yalu said...

hey i forgot to ask you, how did learning vietnamese go?