Sunday, January 31, 2010

Midterms are coming??

Last night I just got the most depressing email ever. I found out that my fluids class (hardest class this quarter) has a final on the 11th, not the 18th like I had thought... I had been wanting to verify the date for the longest time since I got to class late that day and missed the announcement. The bad thing is that I also have a midterm on the 12th. Oy... Well, I guess the bright side is that I will get those two out of the way instead of spending 3 weeks in agony. And I also don't think I will have any homework due that week. So it's not like last quarter where two of my classes didn't have any tests at all but had a homework due every week so there was no break at all. Not sure which one I prefer.

Today was a fairly productive day. I'm feeling pretty tired now and don't want to do any more work. I just finished eating dinner with some friends. We invited a few of our neighbors over for dinner. It wasn't supposed to be a whole lot of work since I had just planned to stir fry some chicken that I had already marinated. But of course, I wanted to do something more and tried to make deep fried mantou. That didn't work out exactly like I had hoped... Anyway, the actual food was pretty good. I impressed myself with the chicken. I think I like this marinating business. Seems to be working out every time. This means I should buy soy sauce in bigger quantities!

After dinner, I called my parents and Yalu while cleaning up the kitchen and making oatmeal for the week. The guys helped a lot with the dishes. Again, it would've been very little dishes had I not attempt this mantou business. Sigh... Anyhow, I think I have enough food to last a while now. We had leftover veggies and chicken. I had also cooked some beef yesterday. And lots of eggplant. I still have a lot of eggplant I haven't cooked. I hope eggplant is good for runners because that's going to be in every meal this week! I also got some beets which I haven't tried yet. I think tomorrow I will make a strawberry+beet+yogurt+tofu smoothie. The bananas aren't ripped enough yet.

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to eat pho with AAGSA (Asian American Grad Student Association). I think there's better pho in Oakland! Went grocery shopping and got bubble tea after that. I did managed to get some work done in the afternoon and evening. But basically, this weekend revolved around food. Grocery shopping takes so long around here because we have to drive. And if we stop for food and such, the entire thing is like a 3 hour event. I guess it's better than sitting in my room reading notes and doing homework the entire day. Need to be outside at least once a day.


X said...

Can't believe you guys are already having midterms and finals! We've only just started classes here.

I've been trying to walk to campus every morning so I can be outside once a day ^_^

yalu said...

Tofu smoothies??