Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random stuff

Today is the day that MIT closes my account. So sad... I've downloaded all my stuff off Athena. And now I'm combing Stellar for course stuff to download. In case, I ever get bored and need some reading material! Being a student comes with so many privileges. Both MIT and Stanford have really get resources and are subscribed to a ton of journals and other things. I can even use Oasys software while at Stanford.

I made teriyaki sauce today and is currently marinating some tofu. The sauce smells really good. I can't wait to try this tofu. I never really knew how to make tofu. Apparently, you really need to soak the stuff in sauce. The trick is to cook it on a pan first, squash it once in a while so that the water comes out. Then you add the sauce and let it sit. Last time, I marinated the tofu for a few minutes and the results were amazing. This time, it's going to marinate overnight. It actually takes a lot of patience to cook tofu this way. But I managed to cook 2 containers of tofu and make the teriyaki sauce in a little over an hour. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

I got my half marathon bib in the mail today! I'm so screwed... I haven't run more than 2 miles in forever! I've been taking it easy because of my knee. I think it's getting a lot better but it starts to feel tender whenever I approach 2 miles. This week is going to be rainy so I don't even know how much running I can get in. Sigh... I'll go anyway. At the very least, I'll just start walking when I can't run anymore.

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