Sunday, January 10, 2010


Interesting thing that I came across while reading a book about geotechnical engineering education around the world.

"Engineers with an outstanding ingenious creativity are mostly 'criss-cross thinkers', which is not necessarily the same as "think-tank" members. Criss-cross thinkers are even more successful then "regular" geniuses because
  • they are not afraid of committing errors or failures,
  • they consider all possibilities,
  • they rely on their intuition,
  • they have manifold interests,
  • they think positively, and
  • they take time to relax."
I like the sound of this, especially the last two! haha. Of course, this was preceded by a reference to how hard "geniuses" work and that Edison worked 18-hr days most of his life. And after the quoted text above, the paper mentions that geotechnical engineering involves a lot more risk than any other branch of civil engineering because of the uncertainty.

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YW said...

cool! i think positive! does that mean i'm better than a genius?! hehehe