Monday, January 18, 2010

Food, birthdays, and fun

Here goes another one of these describe-my-weekend posts. I had a lot of fun this weekend. Glad I didn't go on the SEG ski trip. I mean, I'm sure I would've had fun there too but it's just not the same...

I was actually pretty productive on Friday night. I worked through an entire homework for one of my classes. Not that I finished writing it all up or anything but I got through all the problems. So I just need to check answers now. I probably would have done more work on it but I went with Shuo to a small party held by some people in the bioscience dept.

Saturday. Shuo and I went for a short run in the morning. Then I went with her, Meihsin, and a friend of theirs to Ranch 99. Between the four of us, we loaded up two shopping carts' worth of food. I didn't get all that much but everyone else was buying things like they were preparing for an earthquake. We filled the trunk too. I don't think I got very much work done that afternoon.

Saturday night we went over to a friend's apartment for dinner. We stayed for 3 hours! The food was really good. He cooked three dishes. Dinner parties are great. I'm not sure we should be staying for so long next time though. I totally did not have any motivation to do work after that.

I spent most of Sunday working on a homework. I've finally decided that I will take multiphase fluid flow over reservoir geomechanics. I just cannot get up early enough to go to an 8:30am class. It's too painful. I like the vibe of the fluids class more and it will help me with the computational poromechanics class that I am taking next quarter.

For dinner, I tried deep frying fish because I got some tilapia fillets. I read about making beer batter and went on to replace the beer with 7Up because I didn't have beer. I could've easily gotten some from neighbors but I figure I should just see if this works first. I tried the deep frying and batter on some carrots and it was really good! So I ended up with a plate of fried fish and carrots. It was amazing! So fast and so easy. I was worried that the fish wouldn't be cooked properly since the fillet was fat and didn't really float on my little pan of oil. But it definitely got cooked really well. I wish I took pictures. I was too busy eating! I didn't even think about pictures until after everything was gone.

Just as I was calling home on Sunday night, I remembered that a friend of mine was hosting a birthday party. The theme was boardgames. I got there a little late and her apartment was already filled with people with 2 games going on. I was just about to join in on a game of Taboo when more people arrived with more games! So we started a 3rd game that involves making a map and claiming land. It was really fun. By the time we finished the first round of games there were 20+ people in the apartment! A bunch of people left and we regrouped into two big groups. The group I was in started playing a game called Once Upon a Time. It's a game where you have cue cards and everyone's trying to tell a story that matches an ending card that they have. Hard to explain and we were all very dubious in the beginning. But we all caught on and the story got really crazy. I think everyone was really into it after a while. It was so much fun. Much more fun than games that involve knowledge of pop culture.... er...

Today (Monday), I woke up to my alarm and was really confused at first because it was till dark outside. Then I realized it was raining so I slept for an extra hour. I had planned to go running. I heard it's going to be raining a lot this upcoming week - a whole year's worth! I guess it's good for the drought situation. At noon, I went with some friends to a Brazilian buffet where we ate a lot of red meat. I thought it was okay. Not as much selection as the one that Yalu and I went to back in Cambridge. But I guess this one was lunch and not dinner. Somehow I avoided total food coma after getting back and managed to make a lot of headway on my fluids homework. I went out for a run when there was a break in the rain and then went to office hours for the class. Still need to finish the homework but I think it's not too bad.

This week is already Week 3. It's going by so quickly! The first couple of weeks of last quarter seemed to take forever. Anyway, next weekend will be an exciting one as well. There's a MIT CEE reunion dinner (mostly for MEng folks, I think) on Friday night. On Saturday, there is a day long series of workshops about Asian American history and issues. It seems really interesting. And on Sunday, I'm going on a ski trip. Rain here = fresh powder in Tahoe! So I need to be extremely productive over the week.

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