Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Red Bean Steamed Buns!

These worked out the first time. Amazing! Well, they're not as fluffy as I would like. I think I needed to let the dough rise a little more and flatten them faster. I think the dough was getting cold by the time I figured out what I was doing. With dinner rolls, there was no flattening and folding involved. I didn't have wax paper or a proper steaming basket so I got a little creative and put the buns onto coasters. The buns didn't stick to the coasters and it worked really well.

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X said...

I just made these too recently! I will post about them soon :-) I find that they are poofier if you also let them rise after putting in the filling but before you steam them.

YW said...

holy cow! so not fair! that looks/sounds awesome! mmmmmm