Saturday, May 28, 2011


My furniture came! So happy to finally feel like I'm living in an apartment and not just squatting somewhere. I feel very productive today, watching other people work. haha. I went to the bank in the morning to submit more stuff that they wanted. I wonder if it's just HSBC that's being so annoying or if this is normal for banks in HK. I hope not. Customer service guy was, again, not helpful or friendly at all.

I found a Swifter-like mop at the grocery store in Festival Walk (the mall that my office is in). Then I went to IKEA in hopes of ordering a table. But I got a call from the guys delivering my closet so I rushed back. I only managed to buy two glasses and a mirror. I'm glad I didn't buy more pieces of furniture though because it doesn't look like I could fit that desk that I was looking at.

Two guys delivered my huge closet and beside table. The one I saw at the store was smaller but I decided to go for the bigger one. I thought about where to put the closet for a long time. The space next to my bed is not big enough for a closet. Just a tiny bit too small for a regular closet. I looked hard for a closet that is not so deep but couldn't find one. At some point, I realized I could stick it in the living room so I decided that I didn't have to worry about space. There's not much space between the closet and the ceiling. The guys had a hard time putting in the top piece. I put most of my stuff on my bed (frame) so that they could work.

Bedside table below. Comes with the mirror and a chair. It matches the closet. There's a whole set actually.

I think my furniture all arrived in a very good order. Since I had the closet, I was able to put away all my clothes. This essentially cleaned out the suitcases I was living out of and I put two of them in the drawers underneath my bed. Then my sofa, fridge, and microwave arrived within an hour of each other. Somehow one of the guys got into the building right when I stepped out to get some lunch. I was only going next door so I was able to get back quickly. There's a small dim sum place next to me and they sell take out in front.

My mattress arrived late afternoon. By that time, I had organized most things and cleared everything off my bed frame. My bed just fits very snugly into its space. I feel like everything in this apartment fits just right. The place I ordered the mattress from lets you resize the mattresses for free. I had mine resized one inch shorter. I mean, I'm not sure they actually did the resizing but everything fits.

I got these quilt covers from IKEA. Aren't they cute?! They were out of stock on the quilt that I wanted though so I have to use my sleeping bag again...

After this I took a shower and went to buy some food. I needed to put something in my fridge! I haven't set up the microwave yet because I don't have anywhere to put it at the moment. If I get a washer and dryer, they would take up a lot of space. Right now, there's space on both sides of the fridge.

I waited until my dining table came to have dinner. I'm so excited to have a table! This thing has wheels and can move up and down. So it can be both a coffee table and a dining table. It can also fold out if I have guests over for dinner.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like my room has enough room for it to fold out. If I actually have guests, I might need to move the sofa so that people can sit. I don't have any chairs yet. I should get some folding ones. Not sure where I would put them though.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight. Need to do some more shopping tomorrow and then go into the office. I just realized that Friday was the 27th, that means I've been working for a month. Granted, there were a lot of public holidays in that month. And coincidentally, our whole team stayed at the office really late. I was there until midnight. There were still three other people there working hard to get something out. Can you imagine if you can't stand the people in your team and have to spend so much time with them??

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yay pictures! Your furniture makes the place look really nice