Monday, May 16, 2011

HBR article about leadership across countries

Just read this article by someone who has worked in many different countries. He claims that his management style doesn't change between countries and that what drives people remains the same everywhere.

I can't really say anything conclusive from what I have seen so far. Things seem to operate differently here than in the US but my observations might just be limited to small things. It seems to me that he's talking about bigger and deeper issues. But often times, it's the small things that count.

Anyway, this is a all very vague for me right now. Long day at work today. I need more sleep.


docey101 said...

You often lack sleep. I hope that I never have that problem in life.

Intuitively, I think this guy is right. I came across a passage about empathy that relates to this topic. In book=can't link!

This woman, Homa Bahrami, realizes that different cultures have their own ways to measure wealth and status. (ie number of servants in Africa; where you went to school, parents' occupation and socioeconomic group in England; and what they do, how much money they make and tangible accomplishments in America).

But everyone values recognition, desires self-esteem, wants to improve their circumstances, and value education in some form. Common values are implemented in different ways.

And she stresses the use of empathy to help her find the perspective and approach to achieve goals.

She gives the examples of her teaching styles. In Asia where teachers are viewed as experts, she focuses on conveying core content where students absorb info. In the US, she's more of a facilitator where students can discuss and share ideas. In Europe, she emphasizes theory because they're interested in tracing the genesis of ideas. Everyone wants to know/learn the same thing, but have different ways of approaching it.

Basic human nature (our wants/desires) is the same everywhere, the way it is expressed may be influenced by culture. So a good manager is probably good at knowing what people want (paragraph four) and keen in sensing how to deliver.

Hope that was informational.

Ashley Pearson said...
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