Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting more people!

I've had this faster internet for a couple of days now but haven't had a chance to use it to watch any anime! Yesterday, I got back pretty late, ate some food very quickly, spent some time on curtains, showered, and that was about it. Today, I went out to dinner with a coworker who wanted to introduce me to another person who is on the team but is working on a construction site right now. We went to a pretty nice place and chatted for a long time. I had a pretty good time.

I'm pretty impressed that my boss has been able to put together this team that seems to all work really well with each other. One of the other guys on the team actually joined the company not too long ago. If he hadn't been in the same new employee orientation as me, I wouldn't have known. He seems to fit in with the rest of the group really well and other people ask him for his expertise a lot as well. It's probably due to his personality as well since he's a pretty outgoing person.

Went out to lunch with a bunch of expats again today. It would be really good to get to know them better. A couple of them has said that they don't usually eat lunch or hang out with their group because they feel like they're imposing. If they join the other HK people for lunch, then the HK people would have to speak English. I really don't think my Canto is that great but I guess I'm lucky in that I can still hold a conversation and can understand most things. And maybe there's a slight difference in that I'm a permanent staff while most of them are on a short or long term assignment? Who knows? I'm slightly concerned that at this point, that my Canto is not good enough (and suitable) for construction site work. I'm definitely getting better though so we'll see. Apparently they do send English-only people out there so I should be okay....

I feel like I accomplished a lot at work today. I think I finally get to take a break from the model that I've been working on forever. I finally came up with some outputs for the structural team that we've been supporting. I'm sure I'll come back to this model later on so I should really clean up my files. But I pushed out something today to the rest of the team so I feel accomplished.

I also got my HK ID today! The place said that it opens at 9am so I went at 8:45am expecting to wait for it to open. But when I got there, they were working in full swing. There were already people waiting. I got to work a little bit late because of this. I also took the MTR because of this. I'm going to try to either walk or find the bus tomorrow.

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