Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working late

Woah, I left work at 9:30pm today. This is a new record. Both of the guys I work with today were out. My immediate supervisor is out sick. The guy who is also working on the same project was out for the morning at a conference. I felt bad for him actually because as soon as he got back, he got hit with a ton of phone calls, emails, and had to help me out. 

I was doing pretty well this morning until my boss calls me over. I'm not working on anything for him so I was surprised, wasn't even sure if he had actually called my name. It's weird now you can hear your own name from far away or even if you're not expecting it. Anyway, I got grilled about the stuff I sent out last night. I knew it was a bad idea to reply-all. I guess he had been curious as to what I sent out, which is a good sign, I suppose. Anyway, he had some good points. So... now the consensus is that we'll talk to the structural people in order to proceed. 

Actually, in the afternoon, a couple of people from the structural team came down and wanted our help with something else. We took one look at their numbers and decided that there was no way we could come up with the kind of numbers that they want. But I guess we have to our due diligence anyway. Most of the structural people on this project are English-only people. It felt weird for me to speak to my coworkers in English. The structural team is getting two more people to work on this project in June. I don't think we're getting any more though... I feel like I'm getting  more and more involved into this project, which is great. It doesn't feel like I'm only doing one bit of modeling. 

Big seat rearrangement coming in a couple of weeks. It's going to happen the weekend that I am away. It's only the geotech team actually and some sub-groups aren't moving at all. My team is just getting pushed down a little bit and some of the sub-teams are getting their own space. The "bays" are arranged so that there are three desks on one side and three desks on the other side (facing the other way). I have a desk in the middle and one of the desks next to me is marked "new grad." I don't know if this means we're getting a new grad or if it's just a temporary desk that will be used for people who are coming back from site. It'll be interesting to have another new grad. Or at least a summer intern. They wouldn't be working on my project though since none of the other people on my team has someone supporting them. 

Anyway, really excited for my furniture delivery on Saturday. And having my first visitor at this new apartment on Monday! She's actually a former coworker. I'll have an excuse to get out of work early! Very excited.

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yalu said...

aww.. well you'll be on vacation soon!! something to look forward to.