Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 2: Should I be counting?

Omg, I had an epiphany at work today. When Mahalia+friends visited HK, they got a sim card with the phone company one2free. For the longest time, I couldn't understand the name of this company. But one of my coworkers said it at work and I realized that they're playing on the fact that most Chinese people can't pronounce "three" properly. It's double trouble with both the "th" and the "r" sounds. LOL.

The entire geo group went out to lunch today. Three people were promoted to associate principle a little while ago so they treated us all out to lunch. I was hoping there would be a speech or something so that I know who they are but there was no speech. We went to a dim sum place that started us out with dim sum but brought out the real food later on. There was way too much food. I gave up when they started bringing in the rice dishes. Even though I think I can understand most things that people say, I'm pretty sure I speak much slower and use way simpler words. So I didn't say much during lunch. Not that I had much to contribute since they were talking about importing furniture from China and iPhones. It was random.

I think I should eat something at around 5pm everyday. I think that would bring my energy levels back up. I stayed until 8:30pm today when everyone else (the younger engineers) all left. I had work to do but I was pretty much done and was just checking and rechecking. Some of the stuff warranted rechecking. Someone started the flurry of telling the boss about vacation days and everyone chipped in. I put myself down for the days I'll be back for graduation. But I don't think I'll actually submit the leave form until I buy my tickets. One of the guys was going to submit a leave form for taking half a day off. I was shocked, "what?? you're just taking half a day off." And the boss was like, "oh, forget it then. I didn't see this."

I tried to do some sightseeing yesterday (Monday) since we had the day off. But I didn't get very far since it was super muggy out. In the afternoon, I got a call and an email about two different places available. I visited two places out in Yuen Long (+40 min commute). Both places were actual one-bedrooms. Very spacious, not carved out of some condo. I think I can talk the price down a bit and it's within my budget. I just didn't like how it was so far away. The agent wasn't pushy. These places would be great for visitors.

I visited another place in TST, very busy part of town. It was extremely small and dark, and not that much cheaper. The lady who owns the place usually does short term rents for students. She's willing to go lower since I would want to stay for long term. The only advantage here is that she's the owner and won't charge commission. Electricity and water is also very cheap here. But the place is tiny and I think I can find better. She has other rooms in the same location though so it's possible that I can move into some of the other ones. I haven't seen them though. She wasn't pushy either and seems really nice. I mean, I could make it work if I got a bunk bed. But I didn't like how it was so dark.

Anyway, I visit other places and check back with these people if I don't find anything else. Not in a hurry. I took pictures and drew floor plans for future reference.

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