Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stove, kettle, fork, oh my

Went back to the same store as yesterday and got a kettle and an induction stove. This is all so that I can make some noodles for dinner. Okay, I didn't need the stove for noodles but I didn't want to be shopping around anymore. No patience to shop around when you're tired after another long day at work. I can't wait for my mattress to arrive so that I can have a good night's sleep.

I felt like I made a lot of progress at work today. Had some long meetings where we figured out solutions to problems that we've been encountering. Feeling somewhat accomplished. Might have to go in on the weekend to get something out by Monday. I'll try to avoid it though because I need to unpack and probably go buy more stuff for the apartment.

I got a big thing of Clorox wipes today and wiped down the walls and cabinets. Very good purchase. Not sure why I didn't think of it earlier. I also want a Swifter mop. I've seen an imitation one at a store but I'm not sure if it will work very well. Need to look harder for this one.

Sorry for the boring updates. Not much happening on the weekdays other than work.

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