Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Friday

Getting ready for another day at work. Depending on what I get done today, I might have to go in tomorrow (Saturday) too. Or maybe I should just poke my head in anyway. I spend all of yesterday working on a finite element model. So many things to take into account! I feel like I'm really slow.

I think the guys try to eat lunch together whenever possible. Today, we all went to the food court, got food, and ate together on a table near our desks. I don't know how they determine what they're doing for lunch everyday. Maybe I just can't understand what they're saying...

At one point in the afternoon, I overheard the guy sitting behind me talking to someone else about seismic stuff. After they finished their discussion, I asked the guy if they use a particular software. He was very excited and asked if I had taken any earthquake engineering classes. He joked that we should ask my boss if I can help with their projects. We looked over at my boss and he was looking very seriously at something on his desk. We were like, "did he hear us?" So we walked over and he was trying to stick a memory card into his iPad2. Really thought he was doing something serious. Anyway, I didn't really mean to push myself into another group so soon. But I had to say something since they're talking about PEER and ASCE all the time. I was just trying to recommend software.

Next Tuesday is another holiday. Awkwardly placed but whatever. More time to look for a place to live.

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