Monday, May 23, 2011


Posting pictures now that I have faster internet. These are pictures of food from a while ago. This first one is a pre-cut pineapple that I got from a street market, a chocolate sponge cake, and a a pastry.

This is a tray of sushi from the supermarket on the bottom level of the mall that I work next to. The supermarket carries a lot of different things. It seems pretty high class but the prices are actually not too bad, compared to other supermarkets. You can definitely get cheaper food in the local markets but it's hard to compare. Anyway, there is a really big sushi section and they are always discounted (not by much) at night. So I got a tray one night. It's actually pretty filling since it's a lot of rice.

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docey101 said...

Yay! You've moved and have Internet. Well, good thing you can get food cheap so you don't need to cook your meals--without the rice-cooker, fridge, etc. But Internet is impt! LOL.

yalu said...

Yay pictures! SO much better