Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Trip to Payakumbuh

Just got back from a trip to Payakumbuh and Mungo, Andi's hometown. The trip was a nice break from the city but felt pretty sure since we spent many hours traveling. We still had one full day at his house, spending some time with his mom, sister, and nephew. His mother is this really amazing woman who raised 9 kids and got them all to have at least a bachelor's degree.

We spent our day driving out to a valley with really steep cliffs and waterfalls. There wasn't very much water in the waterfall unfortunately but there were a lot of people. We walked around the valleys and into a cave before coming back. Mungo was definitely a rural town with lots of rice fields, fish ponds, chickens, and cows. The weather was cooler than Padang so we enjoyed that a lot. It even gets chilly at night.

It feels like we haven't done very much work the past 4 or 5 days. Now that we're back in the city, we're feeling like we need to make some progress. But not really sure how much stuff we can do during Ramadan. All the food places are closed and things seems quieter in the city. A lot of people are back home visiting family and such. Not sure how many meetings we can get in. I guess we're lucky that the month started towards the end of the summer. The month moves up about 10 days with respect to the solar calendar so it will get progressively harder to do this summer internship thing for about the next 3 or 4 years!

But before we left, we finally managed to do some soil investigations. Really glad we managed to squeeze that all in before we left for Payakumbuh. Hoping to compile the data now and do some lab testing on the soils soon.


Yalu said...

Cool sounds like you guys are traveling a lot. I haven't had time to check out your worok blog yet but hopefully your projects ate making good progress. Can't wait until you come back. I feel like you've been there forever. Our interns have left already and Im about to make my third trip to NYC

btw, your blog asks me to login to gmail again to post a comment which I find really weird since Im already logged in.. So I just keep leaving my name only

Anonymous said...

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