Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crazy Week - Thursday: A Day of Tunggu

It was really bad. We got to the office for disaster planning for the city and waited the entire morning.  Greg and I got there at 8:30am like we had planned. Andi showed up late because he was trying to get some stuff printed out. We had all thought that there was a big meeting between us and other government agencies to discuss our project. Turns out, there was indeed a big meeting of government officials but with a different NGO, not us. So we sat in this trailer thing for an hour before having a 5 min meeting with the guy we wanted to see. Then he went off to his meeting, came back after a while and we talked some more. At least we had good internet access and got stuff done in this trailer. We also got a letter from him for permission to do site investigations at one of our potential sites.

During our wait, we got notice that city planning wanted to have a meeting with us to give us a book with geology information. We weren't far from their office so we caught an angkot over. On our way over, we got a text message from one of the people that the guy was canceling on us, someone else had the book with her, and she was in a meeting in the mayor's office (very far from where we were).

So we got off the angkot and got on one going the opposite way and sat in it for nearly an hour. We got there only to wait some more outside of their meeting. We waited until the meeting was over and went in and got the book. By then, it was 1pm and we were supposed to be out by the old airport (1 hr away) for a 1pm meeting. So we rushed to get another angkot to get out there. We have not had anything for lunch.

The address we had was for a house and Andi wasn't exactly sure where it was. So we had to ask some elementary school boys who were on the angkot with us for directions. Luckily their directions were correct. Unfortunately, no one was home. We asked a neighbor and she informed us that he was in Bandung, his wife is teaching at Andalas, and his kid is at school. Andi had left his notebook at home with his contact information so we couldn't call him. Very strange. We decided to eat lunch and treat ourselves to some juice.

After this frustrating and long morning, we got to the construction clinic and worked out some stuff for the next few days. We got settled to wait for a meeting with Professor Febrin at 7pm because he was too busy on Monday and had agreed to this late meeting. We even ate dinner right before so that we wouldn't be hungry and got back in time for the meeting. We got a text message at 7:30pm that he was too tired and wanted to reschedule for Friday evening, at 7pm.

But we made use of us staying late at the clinic and skyped with Veronica at around 8:30pm. We left the clinic at 9:30pm and waited a while for an angkot to show up. We started walking towards our dorm (very far away) when we got an angkot going to the market. It got to the market and there was a light blue one (the only one that goes to our street) waiting there. We were about to hop off and catch it but it started leaving. The angkot we were on wanted to wait for more passengers so the driver promised to catch up with the light blue angkot. He drove really fast and even took a short cut. We caught up with the other angkot but that driver wasn't taking on any more passengers. So we got off somewhat close to our dorm. But it was dark and we weren't exactly sure where we were. We asked a couple of people for directions and started walking. We were looking confused at this one intersection when a car pulled up and the guy asked where we were going (in English). He offered to take us to our place and we hitched a ride with him. Epic end to our day of tunggu-ing.

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