Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crazy Week - Friday: Another epic day

This day started off with Greg and I waiting in front of a souvenir shop for Andi. He usually isn't late but he it took him a while to get down to the city that day. We really should've waited for him at the Garuda office like he suggested because it had air conditioning. But we didn't know where it was so we agreed to wait in front of this souvenir shop on a very busy road, inhaling all the fumes from the cars. Greg says he saw some buses passing on their route two or three times.

We finally met up with Andi and went to the a city planning office to get some drawings. They shuffled us through many offices before handing us the drawings. We made copies of them and gave them back. When we were done with this, I was pretty tired out. We went back to the construction clinic, decided on our flights, and went to a travel agency to book them. We really should have booked them online because the prices changed in the 10 minutes we were walking over. It is very common for people here to go to travel agencies to book things. This is necessary if you don't have a credit card. So we ended up booking the 6am flight to Jakarta again, just to save about $10 for each of us. Keep in mind, $10 is about a day's worth of food and transportation for all three of us. This works out to be three days of living in Padang, so totally worth it.

Andi went out to get a few things done while we stayed at the clinic to do some work. Anggun stopped by at around 6pm and we chatted about our plans. Professor Febrin made it to the meeting this time. He was just a bit late. We did not managed to eat before he got there and our meeting went until 9pm. We got a ride from a couple of people at the clinic who had motor bikes back to the dorm and made leftovers for dinner.

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