Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SEA Trip Wrap Up - Part 1

I need to backtrack a bit in my blogging. I didn't write very much about our last day in Padang, or my trips to Melaka and Singapore. I'll start with Padang.

Thursday, August 26th - Padang. After wandering through the market on our last day in Padang and Indonesia, we went back to the dorm to say goodbye to Andi and Fengky. Exchanging pictures took a long time because we (mostly Greg) took a lot of pictures. There were 4,000+ pictures in his hard drive. To see some of the good ones, see Greg's picasa web album (I hope he doesn't mind but he's in Thailand right now so he can't complain, haha):

We walked our friends out and picked up laundry. We took a picture with our laundry lady and her family. I think she was really surprised that we wanted a picture with her. It would have been nice to be able to print out the picture so that they can have a copy too. Maybe we can get someone do deliver it for us... We really wanted a picture with the bakso guy and his wife. Really like that place but they have been closed since Ramadhan started. Probably went on vacation.

We bought sate and rendang and took ojeks to the beach. This last sunset on the beach was really nice. Not sure we took any pictures though. We sort of just stood out in the water and got wet looking at the sunset. I don't believe in taking too many pictures. Always afraid that I might miss the actual thing. Our friend Kevin was with us and he said it was sad watching us out there, and how we must have been thinking about our past two months in Padang, how we would continue the project further, and a bunch of other stuff. Actually I was not thinking about anything in particular.

After dinner, we headed over to Pasar Seni. One of our friends got a lot of fresh fish for us and started barbecuing them for us when we got there. Lots of small fish and one really big one. The fish was really, really good and not too spicy. We stayed until midnight hanging out with everyone and got driven back home afterwards on three motorbikes. I felt like we were some kind of celebrity.

Then we spent the rest of the night packing. Our flight to KL was at 8:30am so we had to leave our place at 6am by taxi. We got back to the dorm at around 1am so we had about 5 hours to pack up everything. I managed to get an hour or so of sleep. Didn't feel too tired during the actual packing but passed out on the flight afterwards.

Friday, August 27 - Kuala Lumpur. The flight was definitely too short. After landing, I looked all over for a working ATM. The 3 ATMs that I could use were all out of order. What are the chances?! They did not take credit card at the bus ticket selling place so I ended up going to a money exchanger and exchanging $40 (USD) into ringgits. I had to go into the domestic arrivals to buy the bus ticket. There were no ATMs inside the domestic arrivals. I guess if you're arriving domestically, you should have ringgits with you. Anyway, I managed to be the last passenger on the bus. The bus was either really comfortable or I was just really tired and passed out again. I think Melaka itself deserves a separate post so I'll end here.

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