Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crazy Week - Saturday: A trip to Painan

As if we didn't have enough adventures during the week, we decided to go to Painan on Saturday. Painan is a small city about 2 hrs south of Padang. It also has a high risk for tsunami but since the population is small and there is high ground very close, the government has been able to make vertical evacuation structures for the entire city. We met with the KOGAMI office down there and had a pretty informative meeting. We went to see their evacuation hill and then ate lunch in the city.

Then we went on another epic adventure to find the beach. I swear it was very easy to get to if we had stayed on the main road. Instead, we wanted to use the smaller streets in hopes of finding some shade and ended up walking all around the beach before we got to one end of it. The water was really shallow for a long way out and we sat at a platform for a while. 

We walked out to a part of the coast where the water was more shallow. There were really interesting rock formations that looked like they have been thrust out of the ocean by some seismic activity. I was climbing around them when I heard a commotion by Andi and Fengky. Apparently Greg had jumped in the water and was in the process of swimming to an island in the distance. I don't know how he managed to do this and not sleep on the ride back. I think some pictures of this will surface soon (check Andi's facebook).

The day ended with us feeling like some kind of salted fish. We got back to Padang and found out that Ramadan is coming on the 10th instead of the 12th of August. Can things come earlier than expected in this country?? We then proceeded to get a haircut for Greg:
Greg to Andi: "Tell them I want to cut off 3cm."
Andi to Greg: "You want 3cm left on your head?"
No worries, he looks better this way. Just kidding! We managed to get it right at the end.

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