Friday, August 27, 2010

In Melaka

I don't want to leave this city! Didn't have enough time to eat all the great food here. I really wish I can eat in one day because the food here is amazing. Definitely need to come back to this city. You can get a totally different experience here going around with people of different ethnicity, especially in terms of food.

I flew into Kuala Lumpur yesterday from Padang. I need to write something about our last day in Padang. That was one really long day. We did not sleep on our last night. Well, I slept for about an hour but we pretty much stayed up all night packing. Leaving Padang was surreal. I still can't believe I've left.

We both passed out on the plane. I thought it could be nice to see some of Sumatra from the plane but I couldn't keep my eyes open. Too bad the flight wasn't longer. I had 5 ringgits left from my previous trip through KL but that wasn't enough to get me on a bus to Melaka. And for some strange reason, all the ATMs I could use were broken or out of order. So I had to go to a money changer and got on the bus with no time to spare. Also slept pretty well on the bus ride.

I've basically been spending most of my time here eating. Don't feel like writing a long post now about all the food. I will post some pictures when I get the chance. I just came back from dim sum with friends of a friend of a friend. Met so many cool people on this trip just randomly.

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