Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flying around the World

The guy at the US customs asked if I have been to Russia. To which I replied, "No, not yet. Working on that one." He wanted to know what I did for a living. Not sure if he was genuinely curious or part of the job. I think he was surprised at the number of countries I wrote on my declarations form and flipped through my passport to check for stamps. I really think they should allow more than two lines on that form for "countries visited on this trip."

The flight from Taipei to SFO didn't have personal screens at each seat. I was sitting at the very front, which had a screen attached to the wall. I thought for the longest time that it was only that row that didn't have a personal screen. I was okay with that because it had more legroom. I had thought about not sleeping on this flight so that I would be less jetlag when I get back. But with the lights out, spacious legroom, no one in the middle seat, and no entertainment, I slept pretty well on the flight.

They served Asian and Western food on the flight. I got the spaghetti instead of the "he fun (kway teow)" (the flat noodles) for dinner. I think the guy was surprised because he explained that he fun is the same as kway teow. I actually got the spaghetti because I didn't managed to catch the first option. I've actually never heard the words kway teow until KL. I've eaten this kind of noodles many times but never heard it called kway teow. I think it is derived from a Hokkien word. At first I thought that the flight attendant must have thought I'm from SEA. But then Taiwanese is also very similar to Hokkien so maybe not. Again, wish I had time in Taipei to explore a bit. I probably should have just walked around the city close to the main bus station instead of trying to get somewhere else by metro. Oh wells, next time.

Making a list of books to read. I need to get back into shape so that I can run this half marathon that I signed up for a long time ago. Why do I always do these things to myself?? Need to unpack and take care of life related stuff. It's the adjusting back to "reality" that's the hardest part about traveling

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YW said...

haha, it's always fun to travel to a love of places! I wish i could do a massive europe trip some day. Ya...i think it's a normal thing for them to ask what you do.

ooo...i made a book list a while back! it's somewhere on my blog. i seem to be making lots of lists...but i never read anything from there. i didn't even manage to finish ONE book!! :(