Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bandung Part 2

Tuesday morning was a busy one for me. Actually, the entire day was busy but one thing at a time. I went with Anggun to a little copy place on the ITB campus where the guy makes copies of textbooks and sells them for a quarter of the price. Textbooks here are much cheaper to begin with, about $20 a book. So this place basically sells textbooks for about $5 each. He even binds them so that they look like actual books. The only difference is that all the images are in black and white instead of color. I picked out several titles and he found one of them. So I got a book on soil improvement for about $4.

After this, we went over to the geology museum. It's a really nice museum since Indonesia has all the goelogical features you would ever want to see. We spent a lot of time hunting down a geology map for Padang though so we didn't get to walk through the exhibits. I got to the shuttle bus place with about 5 minutes to spare.

I walked around the airport for a bit trying to find cheap food. I settled on just getting some bread because everything else was too ridiculously expensive. I decided to go check in early. This was a good choice since I found out that the Batavia flies out of Terminal B instead of A. I had only taken Lion Air before and all of their flights go in and out of Terminal A. So I had to walk all the way over to Terminal B. Actually, there was no rush because the flight was delayed.

Batavia is much nicer than Lion Air. The seats were more comfortable and they handed out water and bread. But I ended up sitting next to this mom with a toddler who wouldn't stop moving around. He was extremely energic.

I didn't sleep very much during this flight because I was worried about not making dinner with Professor Febrin. He had invited me to come to dinner with him and a professor from ITB. I didn't know where it was and when they were meeting. By the time I got out of the airport at Padang, it was about 6:30pm. Fengky hadn't gotten any confirmation so I didn't get off when the bus passed near the construction clinic. As soon as we passed the clinic, I got a call from Fengky that dinner was at 8pm (in about 20 minutes). So I ended up getting off at my dorm and then Fengky picked me up from there. At this point, I am still carrying a ton of stuff in my backpack and haven't stepped inside the house.

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