Monday, June 27, 2011

Got a raise today

Too measly of a raise to be celebrating but I am updating my spreadsheet. Apparently, this "annual review" happens really fast. My boss met with everyone individually and gave them a letter telling them whether or not they got a raise. I think it took about 5 minutes per person. Definitely less than 5 minutes for me since mine is set. All graduate engineers get the same rate and same raise for the first two years.

We finished a submission today for a schematic design for a project. We wanted to submit everything by noon but we kept changing things and updating. We were really busy from 5-7pm implementing a bunch of changes. Good thing I (still) like what I'm doing. Otherwise, I would not last very long. We were all in the office on Saturday putting the bulk of the report together. We worked 8 hours and went out for dinner. I was so tired at the end of dinner.

Sunday was more relaxing. I think I still need to catch up on sleep though. I skyped with X and Y first and then called my parents. I don't think my mom is very fond of the video chat with skype. She thinks it's too low quality and not clear. But I did get to see Snowball! haha. Anyway, I went furniture shopping with a friend from work afterwards. We had lunch at a Japanese place. I had a rice bowl that had veggies and some raw fish pieces. It was like a sushi bowl, very good. We looked around at the furniture place but didn't end up getting anything significant. I still wanted to go to Ikea but I was tired.

I went grocery shopping around my neighborhood and went to the local markets for the first time. Things are sooo cheap. I got more than enough veggies for the week after spending $20 (HKD). For this price, I don't think I could have gotten even one little bag of veggies at a supermarket. I also got some cooked chicken. This will last me through the week. I wanted to get some fruits but couldn't find rambutan. One of the girls who is working in a site office brought some lai chee for us to share. Unfortunately, I forgot to get some before leaving... Oopse. I was too eager to leave after we submitted our stuff.

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