Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friends and shopping

Quick update about what I've been up to since coming back to HK. Yes, my days have been mostly filled by work. I regularly work 11 to 12 hours now. I think I've mostly gotten used to it. I still wish I can eat earlier in order to digest by the time I want to go to sleep. 

I was really busy last weekend because a friend of mine from undergrad was here. He was doing research at the City University next to my workplace. So we went out for lunch everyday that we were both in HK. He left on Monday so we had to take advantage of the weekend. I visited his hotel on Friday hoping to help him make use of the pool and jacuzzi. It's an outdoor pool that supposedly has a view of the bay. It looked really nice and I was looking forward to it. But we went to eat dinner first because I was hungry. And then it turned out that the pool closed at 10pm instead of 11pm like we had thought. Oh wells, maybe next time... 

I dragged him to Ikea with me on Saturday where we met up with a friend from work. I had a really good time shopping. It's so much better when you have people to ask and discuss things. And... of course, I had someone to help me carry things back! My friend from work just happened to have a couple of friends from Australia visiting that night so we decided to meet up again for dinner. We went to visit her apartment, near Mong Kok. It's much bigger than mine. More than twice the size (and twice the rent!). 

And then the five of us basically ended up hanging out together the entire weekend. We made it to a pretty nice place for dinner Saturday night. Then we stood in line at a really famous dim sum place in Mong Kok but then found out that the wait would be 2 hours even though we got there before the place opened. So ridiculous! The lady gave us a card to a branch in Sham Shui Po, near where I live. So we took a taxi there. The wait was much shorter and the food was pretty good. I would probably take other visitors there. I think there are cheaper dim sum places though but I guess sometimes it's good to play it safe. My friend is really into reviews so I guess that satisfied him.

We then spend most of the rest of the day shopping. We went into a shopping mall to cool down and then the girls (there were 3 of us) started shopping. The couple from Australia really wanted to shop. I actually had a lot of fun. We went to 2 malls and we came across a MUJI. I actually saw this store in NYC before but it's so much better here. They have clothes, household items, and some food. I'm going to start filling out that furniture reimbursement form and see if I afford anything from there.

We met up again for dinner, which was a bit rushed because the Australians had to run off to the airport. We were an interesting group. We were actually all Chinese but only I can speak Cantonese. There was one person who is from China but lived in Australia for a long time. So she can read the menus but couldn't really get much done using Mandarin. The other three knew a little bit of Cantonese. We made it work between all of us. 

Doing a lot of different stuff at work all of a sudden. Really feel like I'm learning a lot. I spent the first month running finite element models and was getting comfortable with it. Now, all of a sudden, I'm designing piles. I feel like I'm over my head again. It's fine though because everyone is very willing to help out and teach me stuff. 

There's been a typhoon warning up this week. It was at level 3 (the highest is 8) on Wednesday but now it's back to 1 again. It's not too bad because the actual typhoon is missing HK altogether. I hope I don't ever get stuck in the downpour...

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yalu said...

Interesting, I bet if the typhoon was bad enough you guys would all evacuate or have the day off though