Friday, June 3, 2011

Long weekend!

Spending some really long hours at work these days. I get really tired after a certain hour. I was editing some PowerPoint slides last night and it was getting so confusing because I had just started working on a project, it was getting late, and everything looked the same. Didn't even managed to proofread correctly the first time.

I've been trying to get some calculations out forever and was working on solely on them for the last couple of weeks. But on Thursday, it got really busy. The bosses suddenly realized that the guy working on this new project that we got is leaving for vacation that night and we needed to do a lot of calculations by the next day. So they pulled me to run some analyses and help out with other things. We were all working really hard on this project all of Friday so that we can get something to our boss who is leaving for a week long business trip regarding this project on Monday.  But I don't think we managed to get anything to him when he came back in the afternoon. So.... going in on the weekend to finish off stuff.

Coincidentally, our office space is being renovated. We're getting some new meeting rooms and people started tearing down walls at around 6pm. It got really loud and dusty. This promptly drove most people from the office. The guys next to me ran into a crisis though and they were trying to figure things out for a while.

Despite the intensity of our work, my coworkers are very funny. I think I should document the conversations.
(the conversation below happened in Canto)
Me: The logs don't show anything.
AL: What? What do you mean they don't show anything?
Me: There's nothing for this layer.
AL: ..... you know, if you can't say it in Chinese, you can use English. We can understand!
(another guy looks over and starts laughing too.)

This weekend is a long weekend. We get Monday off for the dragon boat festival. First weekend that I'm not doing something major like apartment shopping, moving, or getting furniture. I'm so excited. Still have to go into to the office but it will be more chill. I can sleep in! Also, a friend from MIT is coming for 2 weeks starting Sunday night. Too bad his time here overlaps with my trip back home.

In other news, I finally got my HSBC credit card today. Very happy about this. They called to ask me to submit another copy of my salary slip because the one that I submitted was a bad copy. First of all, I went into the branch and one of the staff made the copy for me. I really don't know why they wanted my salary slip because my salary goes to their bank! So I told the girl on the other end that I didn't have time for this nonsense. I told her that it's not my problem that their staff made a bad copy and that they can just look it up themselves if they wanted "my bank's monthly statement." I swear the customer representatives at that HSBC branch are either super condescending (before they find out I have an American passport) or lose all interest in helping me (after they see my American passport). I seriously don't know what's wrong with this place. Someone called from the bank to ask me to do a 5 minute survey about the bank and I really wanted to take half an hour to vent some anger and tell them how bad their customer service is. But I was still at work rushing to get something out. Next time, next time.

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docey101 said...

This was a rather amusing post. Enjoy your weekend! Let's hang out when you get back. Let me know what day is good for you. The kids are driving me crazy and I want to take a day off work. (But not the 10th, because I'll be in Davis.)