Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back in the States again

Written on the plane from HKG to SFO. Just watched Twilight off of my computer. There is no personal TV on this flight. Seriously. It’s an 11+ hr flight and there’s just a central TV broadcasting really bad movies and old episodes of TV shows.

We were served lunch but it was really terrible. Good thing I had food before I got on the plane. I had breakfast but was hungry by the time I got to the airport. Of course, I didn’t think twice and got before getting breakfast at Fairwood. I think before HK, I would have thought more about eating out and realized that they would serve food on the plane. I think this crossed my mind but I’ve been eating out a lot. It’s pretty affordable and convenient to eat out in HK so it just made so much sense when I saw Fairwood.

I got to the gate right when they were starting to board. Perfect timing.

The alarm went off at 7am this (Thursday) morning like always. The MTR wasn’t as crowded as I had expected. But probably because I was going the opposite way. There is customs for leaving HK and I got in the line for Hong Kong Residents. There is a line for HK Permanent Residents, which I don’t qualify for. Actually, there was no line and they didn’t even stamp my passport. Very happy about this because my passport is running out of room! I was very concerned about getting another stamp in my passport. Looking forward to short lines going both ways!


yalu said...

Man, you are so much closer to that continent than I am... flight is about 25% shorter!

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