Saturday, June 11, 2011

Commencement tomorrow!

Commencement tomorrow! I need to remember to charge my phone because I know I will be calling and texting a ton of people. One of my friends came to Oakland with his parents today and I went to meet up with them in Chinatown. They were just finishing their meal so I joined them and we chatted. He gave me a ride back and his parents met my mom. They are from the same town in China. This is great because they can meet up tomorrow and sit together at graduation. It would be much better for all of them to have people to chat with.

I haven't been doing very much these past few days. I went to Stanford on Thursday afternoon. I bought a frame that matches the MIT one. This frame is seriously expensive. Oh wells. Course 1 decided to give us a nice frame so now I have to get a matching one. Can't get something cheaper! I had a good time chatting with all my friends at the SEG pool party. A few of them came to the party just to see me. I gave a few people the Angry Birds that I got in HK. I gave away the small ones which actually weren't so nice looking. Definitely fake stuff. Should have gotten them all at stuffed animal shops.

I really didn't do anything on Friday. I slept at midnight on Thursday night and didn't managed to get up until noon on Friday. I woke up a few times but kept falling back asleep. I got up and took a shower. My brother came back at around 12:30 because it's a minimum day for him. I ate lunch and then tried to read a magazine but still felt really tired. I went back to bed at 2pm and slept for another 2 hours. We went out for dinner that night.

Commencement tomorrow. Have to get up super early to drive over. I'm really not that excited. Certainly have none of the same feelings as undergrad commencement. I think it's also due to the fact that I'm already working and haven't been talking to other people about graduation. I might be more excited if I was at school and everyone was talking about graduating. There's a main ceremony in the morning where we walk into the stadium and there are speech. I really don't think this is worth it and I was surprised that my friends are going. My parents want to go so I guess we'll do it. We get our diplomas at the department ceremony at noon. The civil engineering department always gets Memorial Auditorium. This is much better than most of the other departments who have to host theirs outside in the sweltering heat.

Should be lots of pictures on facebook tomorrow. I'll try to put up my own album for once.

My cousin told me about the semi-annual Bath and Body Works sale that's going on. I think these would be very nice gifts for people in HK. I don't know who I would give this stuff to but I think they cost quite a bit in HK. It would be good to have some lotions and such around.

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docey101 said...

congrats! seems like a busy weekend catching up with people and getting over jetlag. yes! lotions and potions, good choice. wonder if bath and body have scents geared toward menfolk. enjoy your ceremony tomorrow!