Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where did the weekend go??

I didn't even go grocery shopping this weekend. I can't believe it's over already. I spent Saturday doing laundry, cleaning, writing up notes, going to dinner at a friend's place, and then skyping with X and Y (hehehe). I managed to do some of my foundations homework. Sunday went by quickly. My parents, brother, aunt, cousins, and cousin's friend came over. They're supposedly here for the Splash student rep meeting but my parents took it as an excuse to come visit. Anyway, I finished foundations and then started on multiphase flow stuff. I think I'm almost done with multiphase flow, which is good. If I can finish that tomorrow, the I can work on continuum mechanics for all of Tuesday. Really need to do well on this last assignment.

I think foundations engineering is the only class that's directly related to geotech in this entire curriculum. I can take plenty of water flow class like subsurface flow, multiphase flow, groundwater, etc. and they're related but it's not the same as having a class on geotech or soil mechanics. Now that I'm working again, I feel the need for more knowledge in my chosen field. And I had a sudden urge to look at Berkeley's program again. But when I looked at the brief class descriptions, I don't actually think I'm missing much. I think between the geotech classes at Cambridge (which I need to review) and the random classes I've taken here, I've covered most of their curriculum. I've even gone into more depth in some areas like finite element and porous media flow than their curriculum. Not sure if future employers (especially those in this area) will buy this though. I think I need to sit down at some point and figure out what exactly have I learned these past few years. I need to make a academic profile for myself. Relevant academic topics. I think the Berkeley grads would probably be fine without such a thing since their program is well structured.

And at some point, I need to re-learn the stuff I supposedly learned in Cambridge. Looking back at the notes, they're turning out to be surprisingly useful. I didn't know what was going on back then. I think now that I've worked, I have a better idea of what I need to know. And I didn't copy my notes that year. Big mistake. Need to make up for that and fill up some notebooks. I think these notes will actually be useful in the near future.

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