Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break!!

I'm leaving my apartment in an hour to go to the airport. Flying to Florida!! So excited. I was insanely busy this week. I took 2 finals and booked 20+ hours at work. Anyhow, end of Quarter 2. Almost halfway done with Stanford.

In a few hours I will be chilling in Florida and then cruising to the Bahamas. The small talk this week involved plans for spring break. Everyone was so jealous that I'm going on a cruise. The weather here has been really warm lately but I haven't really been able to enjoy it. I guess I'll get my share of beach and sun in the next week!

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YW said...

yes, i'm so jealous!!! are you going swimming? snorkeling? i went a while a was really nice. it really was like paradise. mmmm...i remember the beautiful sand that's really like what they have in movies, and the gorgeous blue water in the lagoon. ahh... oh well, i'm happy with my spring break - home! :D