Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, busy!

Last week was pretty epic. I finished up homework for the quarter early in the week so that I can attend the geo forum. The geo forum was really cool. I got to see everyone I worked with in NY this past summer. Thursday was really long day of presentations but they were all very interesting. The forum started off with "state of the region" reports from various offices, something that is not really shared so freely in any other setting. I feel so lucky to be interning right when this forum happened. I got to put faces to names that I've heard of. And I even got to know the SF people better. Working part-time and sitting away from the group has not helped in allowing me to get to know the team very well. I hope they continue this forum thing. I think it's very useful even though it means that people have to take time away from their projects. I think most people were stressed out by this but it's good to get to know other people since the community is so small.

Next week is going to be another pretty packed week. I have a final on Monday. I'm going to work Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday. Work is very busy because there are a few deadlines looming in ahead. But Grace is visiting! We're having dinner on Tuesday night so I have an excuse to leave the office at a reasonable hour instead of sticking around until the crickets come out (this happened last Friday - the staying late part, not the crickets). I have another final on Thursday night. Stanford schedules in 4 finals a day so the last final is from 7-10pm. So late! More time to study, I suppose. Going to work on Friday. And then I'm off to tropical places Saturday night!! Looking forward to a week of beaches and relaxation.

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