Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guy's Names

I feel like whenever I'm in a public place or with a bunch of people, if I shout out a common guy's name like David, Eric, Andrew, Ben, etc, I would get many heads turning my way. I know at least two people (people who I'm actually in contact with), who have those four names I just wrote. Is just me? Or is it actually something that other people encounter as well? It's so difficult sometimes to keep track of which Nick we're talking about. I feel like this doesn't happen with girls as much. Or is this because I'm in grad school and there are way more guys than girls?


X said...

There are two guys in the program with the names Denis and Dennis and two guys with the name Mike on the ballroom team. I don't really know any girls here yet with the same name. I don't think this is necessarily because you're in grad school or even that there are more guys. The number of guys and girls I know is about equal.

yalu said...

Maybe girls have a wider range of popular or common names

Jennifer said...

I had the #1 girl's name the year I was born. Most of my life from elementary school to college I have had at least three other people with the same name as me in my class. One of my sister's best friends has the same name as me. I have trained myself NOT to turn around when I hear someone call my name. Nine times out of ten it is not someone looking for me.