Friday, March 5, 2010

Long(er) days

Last two days at work were very busy. Actually, I've been really busy at work ever since the second week... I was literally the last person on the train last night. Ran the last block and made it just in time. I'm glad I'm busy and doing useful stuff though. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time. I'm working on a project that is supposed to be done by the end of next week. But it's not a high priority project and my supervisor is busy with other stuff. And I've spent most of my time the last two days working on a different project. I finally got time to look at my own project today and made some good progress. Hopefully, I will have something substantial and write up draft of a memo next week. Next week will be crazy though.

Thursday and Friday is the geo-forum. Thursday is an intense day of presentations. I laughed when I saw the agenda. All the technical talks are 30 mins max. All the non-technical talks are 15 mins. Some technical talks are 15 min. This includes time for questions and discussion. Knowing how much some people like to ask questions and express their opinions, we are going to run over by a lot. I mean, seriously, 15 min is the time it takes to set up the See and Share. Can't wait to see people from New York again! It's funny how I already know more people than most people at this meeting. This meeting is supposed to be a meet-and-greet for the company's geo-teams. I know more than half the people on the list already. I realize why they chose SF even though most the biggest group is in New York. Because the NY office simply can't accommodate something like this! The SF office has nice big conference rooms that can easily fit everyone.

Hopefully I'm going to get lots of work done this weekend. 3 homeworks due next week. But one of them should be easy, like always. I'm almost done with the other one. And then there should be one more (the really hard one that I always stress out about) but it hasn't been posted yet.... And the policy is that we're supposed to get a week to do it. So.... not sure what this means. Maybe it won't be due next week?? That would be nice. It's not nice to have something due during finals week but I would rather have a homework than not, because I do learn a lot from those homeworks. And they're the only practice problems we're going to get for the final.

I think this working part-time thing will be much better next semester. I will be going in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, full-days. None of this half day business. I'm sure my "full-days" will be more than 8 hr days though. The upside is that the days are getting longer. I woke up today at 6:30am to sunshine outside. Two weeks ago, it was still dark when I woke up. And I realized that if I wake up just 10 mins earlier, I can catch an earlier, faster train and get to the office half an hour earlier. So that saves me 20 minutes! I'll try this out next week.

I'm still super excited about going back to Cambridge and visiting friends. The timing couldn't be any better. Going to start booking one-way trips again!

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yalu said...

what are you doing for the projects at work?

so does this mean you got into the Indonesia program?