Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Quarter System

This quarter system thing feels really weird. I'm used to doing 2 semesters and then having a long break. But now, I have a week of break and then it's back to school again. So strange... I think it would just all seem like one really long term if I wasn't going away for spring break. Stanford can be such a bubble. So hard to leave. One of the people in my program said that the last time he went to SF was when he came to visit!

Looking forward to vacation and a fresh start for the new quarter. I've been really busy these past few days. I think I'll write about this when I'm at the airport or something. The thing with being an intern is that you always get put on the most urgent projects. I stayed at the office forever the last two days. I think my group works pretty hard in general though. I think they tend to stay longer than people in other groups.

Taking a class in the geosciences department next quarter! Engineering in geological sciences. Should be an interesting class. No more mechanical engineering/computation mathematics classes for me!

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yalu said...

Yay, the show original post feature is back on your blog! I'm happy.

Yeah MIT is a bubble too, and Boston is practically right there! I guess one benefit of living off campus is that you get to go away every night.

Why would you get staffed on the most urgent projects as an intern? Seems like interns would generally do their own side projects (let's reorganize this system!...make the intern do it) or do the boring repetitive things that no one wants to do. It takes a long time to have to explain something to an intern if it needs to go out immediately. I think that's why it takes a while to integrate people into the group fully, because you can't really give them complete responsibility for items and you can't put them on items if they are going away - one of our groups (not mine) got someone to stay until the summer, and they can't staff her on any clients because she wont be here after!