Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1 of Third Quarter

Again, I started writing this on the Caltrain. This time, I’m going back to Stanford from Oakland. This morning, I woke up with my brother and took the bus with him to downtown. I took the BART over and wanted to catch the N light rail to the Caltrain station. I should’ve known that the light rails were all underground, in the same station as BART. But of course, I exited the station, walked around, and realized I had to go back into the BART station. Anyway, I still ended up catching an express Caltrain but apparently there’s some problems with the crossing lights and we’re now going super slow. I think I will still make it back to Stanford with a lot of time to spare. I think I can drop off these apples, oranges, and giant lemons that I got from home.

Starting a new quarter again! It still feels so weird to be starting another quarter after having done two. I want a longer break in between. I have a feeling this quarter will go by quickly though. At least this quarter, I have an office in Blume. Finally! I need to go claim my spot as soon as I get a chance. Now I have a place to stash all my library books instead of having to lug them back and forth from my apartment.

This quarter, I only have one required class and that’s Computational Poromechanics. This will be a difficult class but I’m looking forward to it nevertheless. Even though I only have one required class, I have a lot less choices to pick from since I decided on my other two main classes a while back. I’m taking a class called Engineering in Geology Science. This is a class in the geology department where geology students, after having taken the intro geology class, are learning about engineering. I haven’t taken any geology classes and I’m hoping to learn more geology here than engineering. I’m not sure if the class works this way… The last class is the ESW Indonesia project. I’m looking forward to starting the design process. I think we have some good teams. I foresee lots of work for this class but hey, saving the world is hard work. I have to choose a seminar so that I can have 10 units. Feels weird not to be shopping around for all my classes.

I just realized yesterday that I’ve signed up for Bay to Breakers and it’s in 7 weeks! I really need to get back into shape. I don’t think I’ve ran over 2 miles in one go since the half marathon. Need to work up the mileage and get back the cardio strength again. On the other hand, I think my knees are doing fine now. After Bay to Breakers I’ll start training for the marathon. I think I will try to aim for one of the San Jose marathons in October. Hopefully I’ll figure out what I’m doing this summer soon so that I can put together a training schedule. And maybe do another half marathon sometime in the summer.

I went to my first class at 10am this morning and did not get back to my apartment until 8pm. I went to 5 classes total. One of which is social dance but it was still a lot of classes. I think I like all of them so far. The second class I went to, I went into the wrong classroom the first time around. I thought it was weird that there were no guys and then the professor started speaking French!

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Timocita said...

Hahaha, "no guys and the professor started speaking French"! Oops.