Friday, April 29, 2011

Week One

It's Saturday and I'm not at work. I wonder how many other people are at work today. Just curious. I don't think I need to be in since I don't have any deadlines. Right now, I'm just helping other engineers with their projects. I guess I really want to be working on something more permanent and be more involved in a project. I feel like I have no clue what other people are working on. I don't think I've even met half the team yet. There is going to be a big office reorganization in June where they want to give each group their own space. Hopefully I'll get a good seat.

Monday is a holiday. I've been trying to get a list of holidays but I still don't have access to the intranet. I read about the holiday on the company newsletter. This gives me more time to hunt around for apartments. I'm going to see one today that is really far away. I'll see how that goes. Can't hurt to go take a look. Anyway, really need to get my life in order. I still have everything in suitcases and I feel like I can't function properly. More updates to come.

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yalu said...

omg, how come wherever you go they are always moving seats? haha actually i think this type of thing usually happens once a year on average, especially during the summer

take advantage of your time by taking care of stuff.. im sure you'll have time to be busy at work later.