Wednesday, April 20, 2011


**Sob** Packing is so hard!! I've done a lot of traveling (and therefore, packing) but it's always for some definite amount of time and with some purpose. I'm usually a pretty light traveler.  But packing for some indefinite amount of time is so difficult. There's so much I want to bring. Good thing I shipped that box of books yesterday because there would be no way I can fit them into my luggage. And even with 3 suitcases, it's hard. Most of it is clothes and shoes. Shoes take up a lot of room. I would never pack so many pairs of shoes if I was just going somewhere for a few months.

Right now two of my suitcases are at 40lbs and another one is at 50lbs. So I can still stuff some more things in there. This is good since I keep remembering that I have more things I want to bring. I probably won't fully unpack for the first month either. Can't wait to find my future apartment.

I think I'm getting better from my cold but I'm still not feeling too well. Had to keep taking naps throughout the day. Blargg.. Some of my friends want to meet up but I really don't feel like going out. Oh wells, I think I'll see them in June. I think it will be good to come back in June and re-assess what I need and what I don't need. I can bring more stuff over as well. So I should really book that ticket soon.

I think Snowball is sad. He took one sniff at the suitcases this morning and went hiding under my parents' bed. Didn't see him all day until Grandma came to visit.

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Y said...

I used to like packing, but now I just think of it as an onerous "big task"

Hopefully you can get your apartment sooner rather than later, and then have some time to overlap between your temp housing and your new place. It is really stressful having to leave an old place but not being able to move into the new place (my last 2 moves) and this way you can make sure everything is working (aka internet) before you move in (or maybe hot water is more important... ) I like traveling, but I hate living out of a suitcase. When I got back 2 weeks ago, I was like "unpack!!" I am a big fan of unpacking now