Sunday, April 17, 2011

Updates... friends and more shopping

Just got the confirmation for my flight! I can't believe this is actually happening...

I went running on Friday, after a very long hiatus. I managed to jog for about 5 minutes before feeling exhausted. I think I ran a little over a mile total. Didn't managed to run around the entire lake. So lame. And I was a bit sore on Saturday.

A friend from Stanford came to visit on Saturday. We went to Chinatown for lunch and then walked around Jack London Square. There's really not too much to do around Oakland. We played with the Wii at my house for a little while before he headed back to Stanford. It was nice of him to drive all the way out here.

He poked around at all the pictures around my house and was really surprised to see the picture of me with my hair straight. My parents got a 8.5"x11" photo of my graduation picture. I had my hair straightened back then and I remembered having really good hair that day. I haven't gotten it straightened since then. My hair became all wavy and curly again the summer after I graduated MIT. My friend said that I should totally invest the time and money into straightening my hair. And then he mumbled something about Stanford guys. I think he was trying to say that this is why I didn't managed to pick up any guys at Stanford. Hm.... my parents have been nagging me about finding a boyfriend.

We went to dinner with one of my dad's long time friends and he asked what would happened if I find someone in HK and he somehow cannot/not willing to move back here. I was like, "why would I find someone like that??" My friend who came to visit earlier that day said that I should advertise the fact that I can get my spouse (almost) instant citizenship.

I went shopping AGAIN today, this time with my family. We went to the outlets at Vacaville. So funny, since X and Y went shopping at the outlets near Boston today as well. They even called me in the middle of it. I got another suit jacket and cardigan at Ann Taylor, 2 shirts at Banana Republic ($12 each!), a pair of Levi jeans, and a belt. We didn't make it to the Columbia store or else I might have been able to get all the waterproof things that I need. Oh wells. I think everyone else did pretty well in their shopping as well. I think I am now comfortable with the number of shirts that I have.

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